Meet the Expert Session

Interact with the expert of your choice, to ask and learn, about their specialized topic.​

Date: Saturday, May 21, 2016
Time: 08:00-09:00 AM​
Hall: Murray Hill

This session will consist of​ informal discussion with up to 11 fellows, residents, & attendees from developing countries per expert.  The discussion will be focused on an informal question and answer session. 

Registration is on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Breakfast will be served.​​

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Sander van Kuijk, The Netherlands
Maarten van Kleef, 
The Netherlands
Jason Hong, USA​
How to design studies for clinical trials ​
(This MTE Session will take place in Concourse C. S​pace is available for 22 participants)​

James Rathmell, USA
Safety of epidural steroid injections

Richard Rauck,
Academic versus private practice

Corey Hunter, ​
Pelvic pain 

Marc Huntoon
Spinal cord & peripheral nerve stimulation 

Salim Hayek
Management of Intrathecal Targeted Drug Delivery

Michael Gofeld,
“Inject or not to inject” 

Jianguo ​Cheng,
Pharmacologic management of CRPS 

Gabor Racz
Avoiding complications 

Edvin Koshi
, Canada
Role of rehabilitation medicine in pain management 

Amitabh Gulati,
​Complex cancer pain problems and solutions 

Michael Bennett,
Developing and integrating research within cancer pain programs

David Walega, USA
Treatment options for knee pain: Joint injections (local anesthetic, steroid, Synvisc), water cooled RF of genicular nerves, platelet rich plasma

Sudhir Diwan, USA​
​PRP, and Stem cells for musculoskeletal pain

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