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​​​​​​​​​​​Here is the full WIP 2016 promotional toolkit. You will find promotional banners, and other materials to promote WIP 2016 in your network.​

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Please add at the end of your presentations at appropriate meetings and show on screens at events between presentations.

Promotion slides​ (PowerPoint- click on link to download)


Copy and paste this short description of WIP 2016 to include in your newsletter, website and event calendar:​

The 8th World Congress of the World Institute of Pain (WIP 2016) is a major biennial gathering of pain management specialists. Aimed at physicians, researchers, students and nurses, WIP 2016 will combine participant-friendly educational activities with hands-on courses. 
This combined theoretical and practical approach has already facilitated breakthroughs in pain management interventional techniques. 
Being held in the up beat NYC, USA May 20-23, 2016, WIP 2016 will give you access to leading lecturers and a scientific program con​​sisting of the latest evidence-based and best-practice-based pain medicine in all relevant disciplines.​​

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